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What is Glass Bead Nation?

More of a collective than a band, Glass Bead Nation is led by Paul Johnson Rogers. The name was inspired by the city of Castalia in the Hermann Hesse novel 'The Glass Bead Game'.

Who's Paul Johnson Rogers?

Although Paul's original music can be heard on dozens of tv programs and films, he is also well-known for his association with Chris Payne's Electronic Circus. Paul started learning his trade when signed to Scratch Records at Gary Numan's Rock City Studios, at the renowned Shepperton Film Studio Center in England. A versatile composer, multi-instrumentalist, studio producer and arranger, Paul went on to gain enormous experience of the music industry in a variety of roles. In 2014, he relocated from England to the USA and now works mainly from his studio in the Seattle area. For further information, see Paul's contact details below.

So what's this 're:actor' album all about?

Its roots are firmly planted in 'old-school' electronic music, but its shoots want to get out and explore a bit. Although there's an eclectic mix of electro-punk, disco-synth, quiet love songs and power ballads, there's also plenty of social and political commentary. During the writing of this album, Paul began to believe that, as a songwriter, his lyrics should be just as important as his music, hence songs about contemporary issues such refugees, the environment, communication and identity.

Glass Bead Nation's musical influences?

Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Gary Numan... and of course, Chris Payne and Michael J Stewart.

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